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The following is a list of available Cert IV TAE units:

Certificate IV TAE Units

TAEASS401A Plan assessment activities and processes
TAEASS402A Assess competence
TAEASS403A Participate in assessment validation
TAEASS502A Design and develop assessment tools
TAEDEL301A Provide work skill instruction
TAEDEL401A Plan organise and deliver group based learning
TAEDEL402A Plan organise and facilitate learning in workplace
TAEDEL403A Coordinate and facilitate distance-based learning
TAEDEL404A Mentoring in the workplace
TAEDEL501A Facilitate e-learning
TAEDES401A Design and develop learning programs
TAEDES402A Use Training Packages and accredited courses to meet client needs
TAELLN401A Address LLN within training and assessment practice
TAETAS401A Maintain training and assessment information
BSBCMM401A Make a presentation
BSBLED401A Develop Teams and Individuals
BSBMKG413A Promote products and services
BSBREL402A Build client relationships and business networks
BSBRES401A Analyse and present research information Cert IV TAA Units

Certificate IV TAA Common Units

TAADEL301C – Provide Training through Instruction and Demonstration of Work Skills
TAADES401B – Use Training Packages to meet client needs
TAADES402B – Design and develop learning programs
TAADEL401B – Plan and organise group-based delivery
TAADEL403B – Facilitate individual learning
TAADEL404B – Facilitate work-based learning
TAAASS401C – Plan and organise assessment
TAAASS402C – Assess competence
TAAASS403B – Develop assessment tools
TAAASS404B – Participate in assessment validation
TAAENV401B – Work effectively in vocational education and training
TAAENV402B – Foster and promote an inclusive learning culture
TAAENV403B – Ensure a healthy and safe learning environment

Elective Units

TAADEL402B – Facilitate group-based learning
TAALLN401B – Address language and literacy issues within learning and assessment practice

Old Cert IV Assessor and Workplace Trainer Units

The following is a list of “old” Assessor and Workplace Trainer units:

Certificate IV in Assessor and Workplace Trainer Units

BSZ401A – Plan Assessment
BSZ402A – Conduct Assessment
BSZ403A – Review Assessment
BSZ404A – Train Small Groups
BSZ405A – Plan and promote a Training Program
BSZ406A – Plan a series of Training Sessions
BSZ407A – Deliver Training
BSZ408A – Review Training

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