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Project Description

The TEEST is used by Secondary Schools, Universities, Technical Colleges, private language schools, government offices and companies as a user friendly, cost effective Online English Language Proficiency Assessment designed to quickly, accurately and reliably assess learners’ English language ability.

The TEEST is designed to measure competency in English listening, reading, grammar and language knowledge for general and non-technical business communication. The TEEST takes 45 minutes to complete and measures proficiency from Beginner to Proficient (Post Advanced) level.

The TEEST draws on an extensive question bank ensuring that no two users will take exactly the same assessment, but each assessment will be comparable in level of difficulty and uses similar criteria to assess proficiency. Therefore the TEEST can be taken multiple times by the same learners to accurately gauge progress.

The results of the assessment are instantly scored and delivered to the email address of the test taker within seconds of the completion of the assessment. Additionally, score results can be accessed via the Report Management System.

At the end of every assessment the participant can instantly print out a certificate and a report of their assessment showing results and level of proficiency.

TEEST Test Drive


The TEEST is divided in to 4 distinct parts:

Picture Questions (5 Questions)

The assessment starts with the picture questions section. The user will be presented with pictures and asked to choose the statement which best describes what they see.

Grammar & Structure Questions (55 Questions)

The user will be presented with incomplete sentences and asked to choose the word or phrase which best completes the sentence. The sentences are designed to focus on key areas of English grammar, structure and language usage.

Reading (20 Questions)

The users will be asked to read short emails, letters, and extracts from articles or other documents. Users will be asked a series of questions about each text.

Listening (20 Questions)

The listening section consists of statements, short conversations and announcements or speeches. Users will be asked questions based on the information they listen to.



  • is delivered via the internet
  • provides reliable, accurate assessment results
  • offers an attractive, easy to use user interface.
  • can be taken anywhere anytime
  • offers quick and efficient delivery
  • provides instant assessment results, instant scoring and instant reporting.
  • is not overly time-consuming (the assessment takes 45 minutes).
  • provides excellent security and anti-cheating mechanisms.
  • draws questions randomly, but fairly from an extensive question bank.
  • allows participants to print their certificates and score reports.
  • includes a User Registration System and a Results Management System.
  • offers comprehensive report and analysis functions for course administrators.
  • allows for participants to be grouped (e.g. by class, faculty, department etc.)
  • automatic sending of results to participant’s email and the email of a nominated administrator.
  • is more affordable and cost effective than paper-based tests.

Target Audience

TEEST is intended for high schools, universities, vocational training colleges, language schools, government offices and companies in which the English language is widely spoken. Participants do not require any prior knowledge of the assessment or to attend costly preparation courses. The TEEST assesses current knowledge of English without subjecting the participants to lengthy theoretical and expensive proficiency tests.

TEEST is ideal for high schools, colleges, universities and language centres who would like to

  •     determine students’ current level of English language proficiency.
  •     place students in to groups of similar ability,
  •     assess the progress of students following a language course
  •     provide an exit assessment accepted by many future employers as a reliable, accurate measurement of English language proficiency.

TEEST is ideal for employers who would like to:

  • use a recruitment tool which accurately measures job applicant’s ability and readiness to communicate in English
  • establish standards or benchmarks for existing and future employees based on the level of English necessary to perform particular tasks within the organization.
  • determine readiness for overseas training courses or positions.
  • identify employees who need further English language training and to set learning goals and measure performance

A PC which can be connected to the Internet (ADSL or Broadband).

Microsoft OS (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7) with Internet Explorer version 7 or above or latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox, OS X with the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled. Adobe Flash Player or above (latest version is always recommended), Adobe Reader version 5 or above.

A resolution of 1024×768 or higher.

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