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Need to Read FT

Online Reading Course

Project Description

Need to Read Financial Times is a multi-level reading skills development course covering the latest business news and opinion. It offers topical reading lessons based on articles from the Financial Times that are updated weekly. The lessons are designed to improve Learners’ reading skills, develop vocabulary, increase reading speed and enable students to express their opinions about what they have read.

English for business and practical daily use

  • Adaptive diagnostic test that recommends start level.
  • Topical articles sourced from the business and financial press.
  • 9 new lessons per week: 3 pre-intermediate, 3 intermediate and 3 advanced.
  • Ability to discuss the articles with other students from the N2R community.
  • Activities to develop reading and speed-reading skills.
  • Vocabulary extension activities.
  • User-rated content to highlight most popular lessons.
  • Weekly performance goals to encourage regular study.
  • Printable content: lessons, results, comments, Word Bank.
  • Searchable Word Bank for reviewing vocabulary and key business concepts from the lessons.
  • Adaptive exit test to measure progress.

Study flow

  1. Take the diagnostic test.
  2. Choose a lesson that you want to study.
  3. Read the introduction and a short comment based on the topic of the lesson’s article. Answer a comprehension question.
  4. Read the article and answer five multiple-choice comprehension questions.
  5. Read a blogger’s opinion, contribute to a poll and write a comment.
  6. Complete the required number of lessons. Students are recommended to study 3 different lessons per week.
  7. Take the exit test.
  8. Print your course completion certificate.

Requirements to pass the course

Recommended: complete 24 lessons (60% or more in Reading section), submit 12 comments and complete the exit test

Target audience

Individuals with a TOEIC® score of 350+

Study period

Recommended: three months

Demo Lesson – Article 9

E-commerce at the museum

Go to Lesson

  • A PC which can be connected to the Internet (ADSL or Broadband).
  • Microsoft OS (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7) with Internet Explorer version 7 or above or latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox, OS X with the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
  • Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled. Adobe Flash Player or above (latest version is always recommended), Adobe Reader version 5 or above.
  • A resolution of 1024×768 or higher.

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