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About Us

Why our Clients love to work with us.

Who We Are?

TEEC develop and deliver practical online learning solutions that facilitate individual and organizational development and have an immediate and sustainable impact.

By integrating our e-learning programs into your academic or business process our ultimate goal is to help students, teachers and organizations exceed their objectives.

Our e-learning professionals can help you:

  • analyse your precise e-learning or blended learning needs.
  • Implement top quality online learning solutions.
  • scale learning programmes quickly.
  • achieve high quality course completion rates and results.
  • bring best learning practices into your organisation
  • rapidly adjust to changing learning needs and priorities
  • train key executives to lead the e-learning culture within your organization.
  • support your e-learning with expert coaches and tutors.

How We Spend Our Time

Designing and Implementing High Quality Blended Learning
Online English Language Assessment and Benchmarking
Training Others in Online & Blended Learning Techniques
Developing, Sourcing and Implementing E-Learning Programmes
Website Design and Development
Consulting Work


Meet the Team

Graham Gaston

Managing Director

Graham has a wealth of experience envisioning, planning and implementing innovative approaches to education. A former school principal in Bendigo, Australia, he has devoted much of his working live to the development and enrichment of diverse, progressive learning environments. Graham’s creative design of blended learning programs has consistently led to measurable results and his enthusiasm for integrating technology in to the learning process has been the driving force behind TEEC’s e-learning and blended learning solutions.

Russ Emmerson


Russ’s 15 years of teaching and training experience coupled with his in-depth knowledge of rapid application and learning content development give him the ability to design and implement online training programs which allow both teachers and students to achieve successful training with the help of technology. As a former Training Advisor to the Open University in Jakarta he is skilled in conducting training needs analyses that allow TEEC’s team of instructional designers to address our clients’ specific requirements.

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